16AX 250V multi-purpose device 2 mod.

Product code 21060.2
Product description

Multifunction MIX switch. It works as a single-pole switch, two-pole switch, two-way switch, NO or NC button depending on how the cables are connected. Patented. 2 modules, white.

Product status Product in stock
Technical details
MIX white
44x46x47 mm
Net Weight
38 g
Product complies with the European reference directive
Following IMQ norms (Italy)
Product to be disposed of according to the indications of Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE)
Barcode EAN Quantity Package Size Weight
8015919813674 1 No packaging 45 g
8015919220601 2 Cardboard box 90x50x65 mm 90 g
8015919045730 60 Carton box 300x260x150 mm 2,7 Kg