DIFRA access control module, Modo STEEL

Product code HA02011
Product description

Difra proximity RFID reader, Modo Steel colour. For built-in installation, it requires a 3-module support. Alternatively it can be installed on a 4-module Master table box.
Difra allows you to restrict access in a residential, hotel or office environment through boards equipped with RFID devices, supplying differentiated signals to the outside. Difra has two relay outputs designed to command and electrically lock and a courtesy light, where applicable.
Difra has 3 digital inputs, an RFID reading aerial, a 12V relay for electrical locks, a 230V relay for courtesy lights, an RS485 bus connection and a 12V AC power supply (not to be connected to UNA 12V DC power supply units).
Difra features the dual option of operating both in stand-alone mode and in bus mode. When operating in standalone mode, Difra is matched to the code o fan RFID, named MASTER.
This associates or removes other RFID boards to and from the device. In bus mode, the association and removal of RFID boards to and from each device can be managed dynamically. This allows for a change in real time in terms of people with authorized access, and limits timetables for this, where required.
If a board fitted with RFID is brought close to Difra, you have a signal of correct or incorrect board. In the first case, correct recognition enables the device relays, for example opening an electrical lock and turning on a courtesy light. The other inputs allow you to configure the ‘presence in room’ signal and the ‘do not disturb’ signal, which can be enabled by the guest using a specific command.
Difra is always supplied with a white RFID badge board.

Product status Product is low
Technical details
71x54x47 mm
Net Weight
750 g
Product complies with the European reference directive
Product to be disposed of according to the indications of Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE)
Barcode EAN Quantity Package Size Weight
8015919772117 1 Cardboard box 90x50x65 mm 800 g