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M03001Sealed box with exit cones dia.70x36
M03002Sealed box with exit cones 80x80x36
M03003Sealed box with exit cones 100x100x45
M03031Sealed box with exit cones 100x100x55
M03032Sealed box with exit cones 153x110x63
M03033Sealed box with exit cones 160x135x83
M03034Sealed box with exit cones 220x170x85
M03035Sealed box with exit cones 310x240x125
M03042Sealed box 153x110x63 IP55 Trasparent
M03043Sealed box 160x135x83 IP55 trasparent
M03045Sealed box 310x240x125 IP55 Trasparent
M03062Sealed box 80x80x36
M03063Sealed box 100x100x45
M03071Sealed box 100x100x55 IP55
M03072Sealed box 153x110x63 IP55
M03073Sealed box 160x135x83 IP55
M03074Sealed box 220x170x85 IP55
M03075Sealed box 310x240x125 IP55
M03100Sealed box 100x100x50 IP55 with cones
M03101Sealed box 120x80x50 IP55 with cones
M03102Sealed box 150x110x70 IP55 with cones
M03103Sealed box 190x140x70 IP55 with cones
M03104Sealed box 240x190x90 IP55 with cones
M03105Sealed box 300x220x120 IP55 with cones
M03200Sealed box 100x100x50 IP56 with screws
M03201Sealed box 120x80x50 IP56 with screws
M03202Sealed box 150x110x70 IP56 with screws
M03203Sealed box 190x140x70 IP56 with screws
M03204Sealed box 240x190x90 IP56
M03205Sealed box 300x220x120 IP56
M03242Sealed box 150x110x70 IP56 Traspw/screws
M03243Sealed box 190x140x70 IP56 Traspw/screws
M03244Sealed box 240x190x90 IP56 w/screw
M03245Sealed box 300x220x120 IP56 w/screw
M03953Sealed box 506x230x130 IP65
M03954Sealed box 506x330x130 IP65
M03955Sealed box 180x330x130 IP65
M03956Sealed box 330x330x130 IP65
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