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B6000Blister 1P switch 16AX
B6001Blister two-way switch 16AX
B6002Blister 1P NO pushbutton, 16A
B6003Blister reversing switch 16AX
B6004Blister 2P switch 16AX
B6005Blister Interruttore unip.luminoso 16AX
B6006Blister Pulsante generico luminoso 16AX
B6008Blister Deviatore luminoso 16AX
B6010Blister Inter.Bipolare luminoso 16AX
B6022Blister 1P 16A pushbutton, bell symbol
B6023Blister 1P 16A pushbutton, key symbol
B6024Blister 1P 16A pushbutton, light symbol
B6042Blister 10A double pushbutton w.arrows
B6045Blister 1P NO pushbutton with cord, 16A
B6053Blister 600W dimmer with switch
B6054Blister ø9,5mm TV socket
B6058Blister 600W dimmer with 2-way switch
B6059Blister 10/16A 2P+E socket
B6062Blister 10A 2P+E socket
B6063Blister 16A 2P+E socket
B6066Blister TV/SAT socket, IEC F connector
B6080Blister red pilot light, 230V
B6081Blister green pilot light, 230V
B6082Blister white pilot light, 230V
B6085Couple of 230V led lamps
B6087Couple of blank modules, 16000 serie
B6088Couple of blank modules with hole
B6093Blister RJ11 6P4C telephone socket
B6955Blister 10A ø5x20mm fuse holder
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