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B31000Blister one pole switch 16AX, grey
B31000.2Blister 2 mod. one pole switch 16AX grey
B31002Blister 2 poles switch 16AX, grey
B31002.2Blister 2 mod. 2 poles switch 16AX, grey
B31003Blister 2 way switch 16AX, grey
B31003.2Blister 2 mod. 2 way switch 16AX, grey
B31004Blister Reversing switch 16AX 250V
B31004.2Blister 2 mod. reversing switch 16A 250V
B31005Blister NO pushbutton 16A 250V
B31005.2Blister 2 modules NO pushbutton 16A 250V
B310101P switch 16AX 250V, grey with lamp
B310132 way switch 16AX 250V, grey with lamp
B3101516AX 250V NO pushbutton, grey with lamp
B31020Blister double pushbutton 1P/NO+1P/NO
B3102516AX 250V NC pushbutton, grey
B3103016AX 250V NO pushbutton with cord, grey
B31040Blister name-holder pushbutton 16A 250V
B31056Blister dimmer f.resistive load 100-500W
B31056.2Blister 2m. dimmer f.resistive load 500W
B3106016AX 250V Multi purpose device, grey
B31090Blister 2 pcs. MODO blank modules grey
B310912 pcs. half blank modules, grey
B31159Blister 10/16A Italian socket outlet
B31162Blister 10A 2P+E socket outlet
B31175Blister 2P+E 16A Schuko (central earth)
B31179Blister 2P+E 10A+16A+Schuko socket
B31215Blister RJ11 telephone outlet, 6/4 cont.
B31218Blister RJ45 Cat.5e UTP data outlet
B31218-TRJ45 telephone socket adapter
B31254Blister Coaxial 9,5 mm TV socket outlet
B31254.2Blister Coaxial 9,5 mm TV socket 2 mod.
B31255Blister 9.5 mm. TV socket outlet, grey
B31265IEC169-2 male TV connector, grey
B31266SAT Connector with female attachment IEC
B312722 pcs. cover for TV socket+radio, grey
B31277-DBlister Coaxial IEC M+F direct socket
B31356230V 8VA buzzer, grey
B316012 pcs. single cover with light, grey
B316082 pcs. cover for bell pushbutton, grey
B31620Single cover 2 modules, grey
B31630Single cover 3 modules, grey
B33002Blister Steel 2 poles switch 16AX
B33004Blister Steel Reversing switch 16AX 250V
B33255Blister 9.5 mm. TV socket outlet
B3617910/16A+Schuko 2P+E socket, white
B380022 Modules support with clips
B380033 Modules support with screws
B38020Blister 2 modules support with clips
B39033Blister 3 Modo plate rings, TLI, grey
B39033-BBlister 3 Modo plate rings, TLI, white
B39MP102Blister 2 modules MODO plate, white
B39MP252Blister 2 modules MODO plate, titanium
B39TC102-2Blister 2+2 modules MODO plate, white
B39TC102-3Blister 2+2+2 modules MODO plate, white
B39TC102-4Blister 2+2+2+2 modules MODO plate white
B39TC103Blister 3 modules MODO plate, white
B39TC153Blister 3 modules MODO plate, red
B39TC203Blister 3 modules MODO plate, black
B39TC213Blister 3 modules MODO plate, brass
B39TC223Blister 3 modules MODO plate, silver
B39TC233Blister 3 mod. MODO plate, Gunmetal grey
B39TC253Blister 3 modules MODO plate, titanium
B39TC353Blister 3 modules MODO plate, night blue
B39TC363Blister 3 modules MODO plate,violet blue
B39TC383Blister 3 modules MODO plate, anthracite
B39TC413Blister 3 modules MODO plate, cherry
B39TC433Blister 3 mod. MODO plate, walnut briar
B39TC453Blister 3 mod. MODO plate, dark walnut
B39TC513Blister 3 modules MODO plate, satin grey
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