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B21000Blister one pole switch, 16AX 250V~
B21000.2Blister one pole switch 16AX 2 modules
B21003Blister 2 way switch, 16AX 250V~
B21003.2Blister two way switch, 16AX 250V~
B21004Blister Reversing switch 16AX 250V~
B21004.2Blister Reversing switch 16A 250V 2 mod.
B21005Blister NO pushbutton 16A 250V~
B21005.2Blister NO pushbutton 16A 250V 2 modules
B21020Blister Double pushbutton 1PNO+1PNO 16A
B21040Blister 2mod. name-holder pushbutton 16A
B21052BlisterRotary dimmer resist.load100-500W
B21052.2Blister2mod. dimmer resist.load 100-500W
B21071Blister pushbutton 16A with light symbol
B21072Blister pushbutton 16A with Bell symbol
B21075Blister 2P switch 16AX resistance symbol
B21076Blister 2P switch 16AX WATER HEATER symb
B21077Blister 2P switch 16AX Ventilator symbol
B21090Blister 2 MIX blank modules
B21159Blister 10/16A Italian socket outlet
B2117016A Schuko socket 2P+earth dev.
B21175Blister 2P+E 16A Schuko (central earth)
B21215Blister RJ12 telephone socket, plug 6/4
B21218-TBlister RJ45 telephone socket adapter
B21254Blister Coaxial 9,5 mm direct TV socket
B21254.2Blister Coaxial 9,5 mm TV socket, 2 mod.
B21277-DBlister Coaxial IEC M+F direct socket
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