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AS33000One pole switch 16AX 250V complete
AS33002Bipolar switch 16AX 250V complete
AS33003Two way switch 16AX 250V complete
AS3300416AX 250V reversing switch complete
AS3300516A generic pushbutton complete,
AS3302016A double pushbutton 1P/NO+1P/NO
AS3303016A pushbutton with 2,25 m.cord
AS33040Pushbutton name holder, 2 mod.
AS33052Static dimmer for res.load 100+500W/230V
AS33090False blind pole grey col.
AS3315910-16A 2P socket+earth and safety
AS3317016A Schuko socket 2P+earth dev.
AS33215Telephone socket, 1 plug 6/4 grey col.
AS33218RJ45 telephone socket, plug 8/8 grey
AS33255Diam.9,5 mm. TV socket outlet grey col.
AS33266SAT Connector with female attachment IEC
AS33270-DWide band outlet TV/DTT/SAT inst.Steel
AS33277-DWide band TV/DTT/SATins.male and
AS33351220V bell grey col.
AS33356230V 8VA buzzer grey col.
AS334622mod.230V emergency light, 2mod, Steel
AS33932STEEL Cover Ring 2 mod.
AS33933STEEL Cover ring 3 mod.
AS33934STEEL Cover Ring 4 mod.
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