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AS21000One pole switch 16AX 250V
AS21002Bipolar switch 16AX 250V
AS21003Two way switch 16AX 250V
AS21004Reversing switch 16AX 250V
AS21005Generic pushbutton 16A 250V
AS210101P 2 gangs switch, 16AX
AS210111P switch+ 2 way switch, 16AX
AS210131P 2 gangs 2 way switch, 16AX
AS2102016A double pushbutton 1/PO+1P/NO
AS2103016A pushbuttton with 2,25 m. cord
AS21031NORMALLY CLOSED1 6A pushbutton with cord
AS21040Pushbutton name holder, 2 mod.
AS21052Static dimmer for res.load 100+500W/230V
AS21058Dimmer induc. load w/SPDT 300W
AS2106016AX 250V multi-purpose device
AS21090False blind pole
AS2115910-16A two pole socket+earth and safety
AS2116210A 2pole socket+earth and safety
AS2117016A Schuko socket 2P+earth dev.
AS21213USB socket, 5V 1A
AS21215RJ12 telephone socket, 1 plug 6/4
AS21218RJ45 telephone socket, 1 plug 8/8
AS21254diam.9,5 mm. TV socket end
AS21255diam.9,5 mm. TV socket outlet
AS21266Connector w/female attach.IEC for sat TV
AS21270-DCoaxial IEC M socket, final, 5-2400Mhz
AS21277-7Coaxial IEC M+F socket, through-line dB7
AS21277-DCoaxial IEC M+F direct socket
AS2135012V bell
AS21351230V bell
AS2135512V 5VA buzzer
AS21356230V 8VA buzzer
AS214622mod.230V emergency light, white col.
AS214651 module 230V emergency light
AS21466Sac.MIX Segn.Emer.1Mod.230V 12h 3cd
AS472-21060.2IP20 small box + all-in-one device 16AX
AS472-21170IP20 small box with P40 universal socket
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