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HA00101Wind detector module
HA00102Rain detector module
HA01000CLAVIS - USB to RS485 converter
HA01100DMX Adapter for VESTA
HA01101MODBUS Adapter for Vesta board
HA01150DALI-DMX Adapter for VESTA
HA01200Ethernet converter/495 + adapter
HA01201Ethernet/KNX converter
HA01511Resistive dimmer 0-10V 30-300W 4 DIN mod
HA02000RS485 Bus regenerator board
HA02021White RFID badge for DIFRA
HA02221White NFC badge card for DIFRA2
HA03000Duplicator of optoinsulated inputs
HA0600012Vdc 4Apower supply unit, 4 DIN rail
HA0600112Vdc 1.9Apower supply unit,2DIN rail
HA06801DIN power suppler for 1 mod.Freenet
HA06802DIN power suppler for 2 mod.Freenet
HA07000GSM module for Vesta, RS485 bus port
HA10514Neutral sensor (electronic part only)
HA10534Neutral sensor (electronic part only)
HA10634Neutral NTC probe (electronic part only)
HA11500IR transmitter with 3mt cable for IRIS
HA31000Set of additional terminal boards forEva
HA31001Set of additional terminals for Vesta
HA31002Set of additional term. for Fluxa/Therma
HA31003Set of additional terminals for Ingrid
HA31004Set of additional terminals for Difra
HA31005Set of additional terminals for MiniEva
HL20100TA Device
HS03000EVA Simulator board 16In 10Out
HTS1000Flush mounting box for 10" touch screen
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