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HA11000IR Transmitter 12Vcc 1 Out IR
HL16000Ingrid board- to extend the system
HL20000Consumption reading card with TA 12Vdc
HL21000Water/gas consumption reading board12Vdc
HL21600PRISCILLA Pushbut.backlight management
HL51000Fluxa board with 4 outputs lights 230V
HL51500FLUXA board 4 dimmerable outlets 127V
HL56000Therma board 4 outputs temperat. control
HL61000MicroFluxa board with 1out fluor.lights
HL66000MICROTHERMA Board 1In 1Out 0-10V
HS01000EVA - 16in 10out automation board 230V
HS01101Eva Board 16in 10out f.rolling shutters
HS01500EVA - 16in 10out automation 127V board
HS02000EVA POWER - 16In 10out board 230V
HS04000MiniEva, 8in 4out UNA board 230V
HS04500MiniEva, 8in 4out UNA board 127V
HS05000MiniEva Power, 8in 4out UNA board 230V
HS06000Microeva board 2In 2Out multifunction
HS07000EVA LIGHT 16in 10out Lighting 230V
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