Boxes, enclosures and switchboards

The Master range of boxes, switchboards and accessories provides everything you need for a vast range of surface-mounting solutions, as well as flush wall or floor mounting, using reliable, durable products.

SUB system

IP40 and IP55 boxes with covers for the MODO, MIX and STEEL civil series, tabletop boxes, and surface-mounted boxes that can be used with any 2- or 4-module mounting block to meet multiple installation requirements for surface-mounted systems.


The range of switchboards, which come in four different lines, offers solutions ranging from 2 to 72 DIN modules for flush or surface mounting, with an IP40 or IP65 protection rating, featuring clear or smoked windows, and an extensive range of accessories to complete the installation.

Flush boxes, junction boxes and covers

Flush boxes for brick or stud walls are an essential solution for the correct installation of products from the Master civil series. The range offers junction boxes with covers from PT1 to PT9, with relevant covers and dividers, and covers for 3-, 4- and 7-module boxes.

Wall mounting

Conduit clips, self-locking clamps and clips with ties, IP40 and IP65 connectors and bends, IP40 inspection tees and elbows, cable-to-box, conduit-to-cable and conduit-to-box glands, and IP65 glands.

Waterproof boxes

35 models of surface-mounted junction boxes with protection ratings from IP55 to IP65, with and without grommets, with snap-on or screw-on covers, and versions with clear covers.

Floor boxes

Floor boxes come with a reversible cover that can be fitted in the standard non-slip configuration or turned over so that the same flooring material can be laid on top. The handles can stay in the open position (cable entry) with an IP20 protection rating.