The Master civil series and power distribution solutions for household use come in packaging designed for retail in DIY, hardware and chain stores. The pack or single label allows the customer to see, touch and choose the product and, ultimately, Master quality.

MODO, MIX and STEEL civil series

The main Master civil series mechanisms and mounting blocks come in the "AS" line and are individually flow wrapped. The MIX-Antibacterial line and cover plates from each series are already sold as individually packed and clearly identified products.

16000 and Modì series

The timeless allure of the 16000 series is brought into the now by pairing the anodized aluminium cover plates with the versatility of the Modì line. A system sporting classic lines, characterized by continuous innovation and up-to-the-minute technology and compliance with the latest standards.

Boxes and switchboards

The range of switchboards, surface-mounted boxes, fittings, connectors, elbows and conduit clips provide everything you need for your surface-mounting needs.

Flush-mounting boxes

Flush boxes for brick and stud walls come with just a single label for self-service stores, providing a packaging-free option for shoppers.

Residential and commercial plugs, sockets and TV jacks, power strips, cable reels

The whole Master civil series range of plugs and sockets also comes in flow-wrapped packaging for sale through self-service outlets. They are joined by power strips, cable reels and extension cables, which already come in packaging with just a single label.

Lamp holders, light fixtures and lighting accessories

Edison lamp holders, for halogen or fluorescent lamps, light fixtures and lighting accessories also come in flow-wrapped packaging for retail.

Duct rods, cable ties, clips, tape

The full range of duct rods and adhesive insulation tape is supplied with parts labelled individually for display purposes and retail. The natural nylon and black cable ties, and white, grey and brown cable clips can be sold in packs of 100 and are not for individual sale.


MIXBOX is a preassembled solution for quick and safe surface mounting. It is available with Italian standard controls and sockets in the standard (IP40 enclosures) or protected (IP55 enclosures with door closed) variant.