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Working hours: Monday through Friday 9.00-12.30 AM and 2.00-6.00 PM (CET)

Working hours:
Monday through Friday
9.00-12.30 AM, 2.00-6.00 PM (CET)


UNA Automation, or UNA for short, is the name of the home automation system produced by Master.

Vesta is the name of the home automation system control unit, usually located in the electrical panel of your home. Vesta provides you with many services, including scenarios, remote connection, and SideraHome.

SideraHome is the web interface that allows you to control the home automation system via PC/smartphone/tablet/etc. from inside the house.

SideraWeb is similar to SideraHome, except that it is a site for use from outside the home. You can reach it here:

If you have any other questions about product/service terminology, feel free to contact us at the references you find in the Contact section.

Are you new to the UNA Automation home system? Welcome to!

If you would like an introduction to using the system via smartphone / tablet, you can start with the video tutorials we have prepared for you (only Italian language): UNA clip playlist on YouTube

For other guides and insights, you can log in to your reserved area in SideraWeb and download the manuals in the Support section.

If you still have doubts or encounter difficulties, we will be happy to help you with the contacts you find on this page or in the Contacts section of this website.

From SideraWeb. SideraWeb ( is our website that allows you to connect remotely to the UNA home automation system in your home.

To use the service, your installer must have initially enabled you for remote control, through an account (email/password) registered on SideraWeb. If you don’t remember your credentials, you can contact him or try to recover them.

If you believe that this configuration has never been done, know that you will need any stable Internet connection at home (e.g. ADSL, fiber, etc.). For more information, contact our Technical Support.

If you have an Apple branded smartphone/tablet, here: UNAMobile on App Store If you have a smartphone/tablet with Android system, here: UNAMobile on Google Play The UNAMobile app is used to automatically identify the UNA home automation system in the network (Wifi/Internet) where your phone is connected to. If you are connected to the WiFi where your home automation system is also present, the app should show you SideraHome, while if you are connected to the Internet from outside the home, it should show you SideraWeb. If you have been provided with an IP address of the home automation system, the app is also optional, as you can use any browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge/etc.) to connect to both SideraHome (e.g. 192.168.x.x), and to SideraWeb ( For an introductory video on the subject, click here (only Italian language).

It depends on the nature of the enlargement. If you need to add a lamp, awning, etc., then these are structural changes to the system, which require dedicated electrical wiring and programming. Therefore the only thing you can do is contact your installer.

To find out about the feasibility of the intervention, you can also contact our Technical Support at the references you find on this page.

“Turn off all the lights”, what dream is it? With UNA home automation you can do it!

To use voice commands with Google and Amazon smart speakers, just activate our service called UNA Voice Add-in. The basic requirement is to have a UNA home automation system connected to the Internet, then go to SideraWeb in the Installations section, and click on the Supervisor button on your system.

There you will find all the requirements, examples you can use and the activation procedure.

The home automation system relies on your home Wifi/Internet network to be usable from a PC/smartphone. If from these devices you are no longer able to find the home automation system as before, the problem may be linked to a particular network configuration, which may have been replaced with the purchase of a new router.

The board that connects to the network is called Vesta, it is located inside your electrical panel and is connected by cable to your router. As a first step, you can check that all cables that were connected to the previous router are now connected in the same position to the new one.

Then, check if with the UNAMobile app (for Apple e Android) you can reach the home automation system, doing a test both by connecting to the WiFi of the new router, and with an external connection (e.g. mobile data from your mobile phone).

If you still do not succeed, contact our Technical Support at the contacts you find on this page. We recommend that you already prepare a computer connected to the Internet, so that we can provide you with remote assistance.

A malfunction or an anomaly in the behavior of your home automation system could depend on several factors: a fault, incorrect installation/programming, sporadic electrical disturbance, etc.

The first thing to do is to contact the person who installed the home automation system for you, as he is the only one who deeply knows its structure and operation. If you do not have his references, or if he no longer provides you with assistance, you can as a second step call the Technical Support of Master (you can find the contacts on this page or on the dedicated page).

You can contact the UNA Automation Customer Support:


+39 0429 602777


Working hours: Monday through Friday 9.00-12.30 AM and 2.00-5.30 PM (CET)

Working hours:
Monday through Friday
9.00-12.30 AM, 2.00-6.00 PM (CET)