In one word, refinement

Pixia, the latest generation of ultra-slim, smart-connected civil series, boasts a distinctly contemporary character born from the union of minimalism and technology.


Designed with modern life in mind, where technology is increasingly integrated into daily living, Pixia embraces contemporary aesthetic standards.

Complete system

All buttons, outlets, and controls, whether for smart-enabled or traditional systems, feature the same satin finish as the plate, fully embodying Pixia’s style.

Smart intelligence

Pixia is inherently designed for smart home systems, as well as traditional ones. Remote control, scenario programming, voice commands: with Pixia, experience your home as an extension of yourself.

Elegance in the details

Pixia is available in Snow White, Light Sand, and Blackboard finishes, each distinguished by a special satin effect.

Snow White

Black Board

Light Sand

With its sleek and minimalistic design, Pixia is perfect for contemporary spaces. 

At the same time, its simplicity makes it adaptable to a wide range of styles and settings, both residential and commercial.

Elegant color combinations

Pixia offers a selection of plate colors that blend beautifully with its aesthetic design and the shades of the controls, enhancing a wide variety of environments.

Perfect Indoor Temperature

The Pixia series includes a smart thermostat, featuring advanced functionalities that enhance comfort and energy efficiency.

Intelligent Temperature Control

Scenario Management

Easy Installation

Simple Connectivity

Perfect for modern spaces

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