Residential plugs and sockets, extension cables and power strips

Solutions for mobile installations and for power distribution in domestic and DIY applications, with safety and reliability backed by a proven track record in the design and production of these solutions.

Plugs, sockets, adapters

Our thirty-years' experience in the design and production of residential and commercial plugs and sockets is reflected in the longevity of our traditional products and in the introduction of innovative products such as USB powers adapters and space-saving solutions.

Power strips

The latest range of P40 power strips with their exclusive, innovative design, in white or black, with or without a cable, is complemented by the traditional 3-outlet, space-saving and 2-sided lines.

Cable reels

Coming in two versions — ranging from 5 to 16 metres for household use, and up to 45 metres for DIY and gardening use — Master cable reels address the issue of mobile connections with a quick and safe solution.

extension cables

The range for power distribution is completed by domestic extensions up to 5 meters and gardening from 15 meters.