Connection, lighting, equipment

From the first fix to project completion, Master offers a range of tools, equipment and consumables to assist tradespeople at every stage of the project, making their job that much easier.

Duct rods and cable-pulling systems

Master cable-pulling systems are used in conjunction with both traditional nylon duct rods and their more professional glass fibre counterparts and woven polyester tape, and also come in versions complete with rod frames or reels, and an extensive range of accessories.

Lamp holders and lighting

From traditional Edison lamp holders to specific equipment for fluorescent and halogen lamps, together with dimmers and relays for switching on and off, the lighting product line is the extension of one of Master's traditional families.

Light fixtures

A new range of polycarbonate light fixtures, which come in a round or oval design, with or without a cage, for halogen CFL or LED lamps with an E27 fitting.

Terminals and terminal strips

The MASTERBOX line of free-float single-pole terminals is complemented by a series of DIN rail terminal strips and screw clamp free-float terminals, to cater to wiring requirements of all kinds.

Insulation tape

Available in a wide choice of colours and in 15, 19 and 25 mm widths, Master adhesive insulation tape is the ideal solution for the installer's daily needs on the job.

Cable clips and ties

A range comprising cable ties in 20 sizes and two colour options, natural nylon and black; cable clips in 8 sizes and three colour options, white, grey and brown; as well as two adhesive 2-way cable tie mount models in natural nylon.