Master Srl Divisione Elettrica was established in a town called Este in the province of Padua in Italy’s Northeast on the 9th of July 1982, building on the legacy of a small local firm in the business of manufacturing electrical components.

Over the course of the ’80s, Master specialized in the production of mechanisms and switch-covers for residential and commercial series, gaining considerable know-how in product design and manufacture, in addition to gaining ground in international markets. The Venda/3000 series was joined by cover plates from the Bandiera, Palladio and Giotto lines, later followed by the 6000 series, and Modì and Junior/Construya lines.

By the late ’90s, Master had grown its international presence with the opening of its Master V.D.E. subsidiary in Caracas (Venezuela), followed in 2003 by Master E.D.E. in Barcelona (Spain).

The turning point came in 1999 with the launch of the MODO system: the first residential and commercial series created entirely in-house, with innovations that would earn Master a strong reputation both in the domestic market and in several countries outside Italy. The multifunction control, Retrò toggle switches and cover plates with interchangeable surrounds contributed to the success of the MODO series, which gained recognition from industry professionals.


Building on this recognition, the company went on to present the MIX civil series, in 2005, and Modo Steel series, in 2008, which would grow the product range, offering the end customer a wide choice of colours and finishes for their home or work spaces.

Master has certified its quality system according to the ISO 9001 standard since 2005. Master has been an ANIE associated company since 2006 and has been in the new production and management headquarters of Este (Padua), on an area of 8200 square metres, since 2007. 

The MODO and MIX civil series spawned specific applications for international markets, such as the MIXMOMIXKIT and BS System one-pack solutions, which allowed Master products to make inroads into numerous countries across four continents. To better serve our partners locally and offer constant, timely support, we have opened various branches over the years, namely in Dubai (2009), Santo Domingo (2013), Tunis (2017), Guadalajara (2018), and Las Vegas (2019).

In 2009, after years of successful installations and continuous improvements, Master launched on the market the UNA Automation system: a silent but decisive revolution for ease of installation and use in the world of home and building automation. Continuous part development and integration meant the UNA system was no longer limited to just residential installations, and could instead be applied to more complex systems in industrial, tertiary and hotel environments, and in the management of complex multi-unit systems.

More recently, we have extended our residential and commercial range with the introduction of the MIX Anti-Bacterial (2020) line and with the wireless Z-Wave expansion of the UNA Automation system, allowing us to add to the solutions on offer. Our product catalogue now has more than 5000 entries, with the civil series and home automation solutions joined by residential, commercial and industrial plugs and sockets, electric underfloor heating, consumables and equipment for installers, and a range of self-service products for DIYers.

Backed by 40 years of experience in the industry, Master sees itself as a reliable partner to electrical engineers, ensuring they have access to a stock of safe and efficient products within a matter of days, offering innovative solutions and customer-focused after-sales support.

Working closely with engineers, designers and contractors around the globe, we successfully apply our know-how to ad hoc projects that demand elasticity, speed and an end result you can rely on.