UNA ThermaFloor is Master’s radiant electric heating system, which stands out for its extremely high energy efficiency and supreme ease of installation.

Perfectly integrated

Designed for a whole raft of applications, UNA ThermaFloor integrates perfectly with Master's UNA Automation system, resulting in the electrical system, home automation and heating working as one, designed with occupant comfort in mind for complete peace of mind.

Self-regulating heating

UNA ThermaFloor is a self-regulating nanopolymer electric heating system — running off a low-voltage power supply (24/27V) and made up of 30.5 cm-wide polymer strips just 1.2 mm thick — that can be adapted to suit various different applications: underfloor, under plaster on walls or ceilings, as well as outdoors, serving as a snow- and ice-prevention measure on courtyards, ramps, stairs, footpaths, car parks and roofs.

Easy to run

UNA ThermaFloor is easy to apply both in new builds and in renovation projects but, above all, it is easy to run: it is maintenance free, 100% reliable over time and, with its self-regulating technology, is excellent for reducing consumption considerably.