Master’s MODO-MIX system uses a mounting block system for all mechanisms and cover plates.

You can choose MODO mechanisms dark grey or white, MODO STEEL metal-look mechanisms or MIX mechanisms in gloss white. You can add the finishing touch to your light switch with the MODO rounded cover plates, with Retrò plates, with MIX rectangular plates, or choose one of the special finishes from the VITRA line, with glass, metal, wood, stone or leather cover plates.
A universal system that gives you endless options to customize your look.

Thanks to continuous technical innovation, the Master civil series based on MODO-MIX make it possible to offer the best solution to each installer.
Over time, a new line of supports has been added to the traditional range of supports with rear insertion of the modules, which allow the front insertion of the same modules. Thanks to the double solution in the main applications (3, 4 and 7 modules), you can choose the installation mode according to your preferences.


Almost all MODO, STEEL and MIX appliances are designed for front insertion on the supports. We therefore recommend checking the presence of the F-ok symbol on the packaging to ensure correct installation on the front insertion supports.