For MASTER S.r.l. Divisione Elettrica the complete satisfaction of the customer and his requirements is a primary objective, on which the organisation’s image and success depend. For this reason, MASTER S.r.l. Divisione Elettrica has always operated by putting before any other consideration the requirements applicable and requested by the customer, first of all those related to quality and the legislative requirements applicable to the various products.

Fully consistent with these principles, the Management of MASTER S.r.l. Divisione Elettrica has defined its general quality objectives as follows:

  • the quality of MASTER S.r.l. Divisione Elettrica’s products is oriented towards market requirements, customer satisfaction, full compliance with applicable legislation and ensuring competitiveness against competitors;

  • enable customers to choose the product that best meets their needs;

  • involving all suppliers of goods and their commitment to social responsibility. With this in mind Master, ensures that the raw material purchased does not come from risk or conflict zones therefore our product complies with the legislation defined Conflict Minerals (EU Reg. 821/2017) and as a downstream user required compliance with the legislation from its raw material suppliers;

  • the flexibility of the structure in adapting its service to customer requirements is a constant goal for the entire organisation;

  • achieve continuous improvement of the product/service and the quality management system on the basis of objectives defined by the management

Management is therefore committed to:

  • periodically defining and formulating quality objectives for the relevant levels and functions of the organisation;

  • monitor the correct application of what is defined in the Quality Management System documentation;

  • ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and supported at all levels of the organisation through its dissemination and explanation;

  • reviewing the quality policy to ensure its continuing suitability and adequacy;

  • provide adequate means and resources to achieve the set objectives, endowing the resources with the necessary independence and autonomy;

  • create indicators to measure the performance of the Quality Management System.

The quality policy is implemented through the implementation of a Quality Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 standard. The quality policy aims to be a “reference framework” for the entire Organization.