Since day one, the wiring devices — for residential and commercial use — has been the manufacturing and technological core of Master Divisione Elettrica’s business.

With the MODO-MIX’s universal mounting system, Master offers an extraordinary range of flexible and interchangeable solutions, marked by continuous aesthetic and tech upgrades.


Pixia, the latest generation of ultra-slim, smart-connected civil series, boasts a distinctly contemporary character born from the union of minimalism and technology.

BS System

BS System is the system for British Standard square and rectangular metal boxes, with a wide range of dedicated luminaires. Born from the experience of the MIX System series, the BS SYSTEM monobloc appliances are the result of adapting to the British standard, without losing the Italian design of the MASTER series. The white plates supplied as standard can be replaced with all the colors and finishes of the MIX-BS and VITRA-BS plates.


Vitra is a series of cover plates made from 100% natural materials, an ideal addition to elegant, luxury spaces. Stone, wood, leather, metal and glass: decorative details that take the most high-end interiors to the next level with their quality look.

MIX System

MIX is the comfortable, functional option in the civil series, ideal for those spaces you want to enjoy on a daily basis. With its pared-back lines, Mix never gets old and sits effortlessly in any space: it gives you the freedom to decorate your home or office exactly how you want.

MODO System

Curvilinear and harmonious, with a double surround, Modo stands out even in statement interiors. A stylish detail that looks perfectly at home alongside the most refined furniture.

MIX Anti-Bacterial

MIX ANTI-BACTERIAL is the commercial line designed for places where hygiene is a must, like hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, schools and early childhood facilities. Cover plates and contact surfaces in the MIX ANTI-BACTERIAL line are made from a special material with the power to kill more than 95% of germs.


Curved, metal-look cover plates teamed with the special grey gloss coating on the switches: Steel is the ideal choice for hi-tech and business interiors, spaces that bring together function, expertise and dynamism.


MIXKIT and INKKIT are the series for rectangular metal boxes, designed for the American markets, available in white, ivory and black finishes. In the MIXKIT and INKIT appliances, the functionality and technology of the MIX System and MODO System series is proposed in pre-assembled KITs, designed for direct sale to the public and to professionals. The plates supplied as standard in white, ivory or black can be replaced with all the finishes of the MIX and VITRA plates.


MIXMO is the monobloc line that can be installed on a round box, available in white and ivory finishes. The MIXMO luminaires incorporate the design and technology of the MIX System series, and thanks to the fixing clips they can be installed on buildings equipped with round boxes. With the possibility of hooking the supports it is possible to compose double, triple and quadruple applications, with 2+2, 2+2+2 and 2+2+2+2 module plates. The square plates supplied as standard in a white or ivory finish can be replaced with all the colors and finishes of the MODO, MIX and VITRA plates.


A line of toggle switches and pared-back cover plates with the most visible part of the system presenting an unusual, elegant profile. The switches, which come in dark grey and white, can be completed with MODO-series sockets and accessories.

16000 & Modì

The timeless allure of the 16000 series is brought into the now by pairing the anodized aluminium cover plates with the versatility of the Modì line. A system sporting classic lines, characterized by continuous innovation and up-to-the-minute technology and compliance with the latest standards.


A single coupling system and a single line of supports for the MIX, MODO, STEEL, RETRÒ and VITRA series.