Tailor-made hospitality

From a bijou flat to the biggest hotel

UNA Automation is a suite of services that simplify the running of a hotel and improve guest comfort.
The extension of a secure, proven system — with thousands of installations already up and running in the domestic, industrial, tertiary and hotel sectors — UNA Automation incorporates devices and components designed to carry out numerous tasks, centralized and controlled via an RS-485 bus, but with the added option of integrating wireless Z-Wave devices.


DIFRA 2 is the device that allows you to open doors with an NFC key card and can have 3 different access levels: customer, owner and housekeeping. Difra 2 can operate in standalone mode, whereby key cards are paired permanently; in room mode, in conjunction with Tasha; or with an RS-485 bus connection, which enables centralized control of the system and allows you to reprogram the DIFRA2 and TASHA devices whenever a new guest checks in. The LEDs also show when the room is occupied and serve as a "do not disturb" sign for personnel.


TASHA is an NFC key card wall slot and proximity reader and features dual operating modes: room mode in conjunction with a Difra2 device, or bus mode where the system includes a Vesta unit. Operating in room mode, Tasha is paired with the NFC key cards associated with the Difra2 device connected to it, and the relevant permissions can be replicated. In bus mode, the pairing of NFC key cards with each Difra2 and Tasha device and their deletion can be managed dynamically, allowing you to make real-time changes to the people authorized to gain entry and activate services, and set relevant times, where required.


The Master modular civil series offer an extensive range of modules catering to all manner of requirements: from sockets complying with a host of different international standards, to dual-voltage shaver power sockets, USB sockets, TV, phone and data network jacks, battery-operated night lights and much more.


The whole facility can be managed using the UNA Automation system, while inside the room guests can use the whisper-quiet controls and 1-module thermostat, in any of the Master civil series finishes: grey or white MODO, MODO Steel or gloss white MIX.


The KATE keypad, which can be installed outdoors or indoors, allows you to give guests the access code so that they can gain entry to the facility themselves. Connected to the Vesta control unit and SideraWeb service, it allows enabled access codes to be changed at any time. Personalized scenes can be associated with the code so that, when it is entered, it performs tasks like switching on the lights and activating services, or sending notifications to the facility manager.

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