Vitra is the series of plates made of pure natural material, ideal for the most luxurious and elegant environments. Stone, wood, leather, metal and glass: furnishing elements that give their strength to the most prestigious habitats.


The strength of the stone. The warmth of wood. The softness of the skin. The tempering of the metal. The purity of glass.

In the most luxurious and prestigious contexts, Vitra fits in with the strength and nobility of natural elements.

Flat surface. Softly rounded corners. Soft lines. The shape of the plate creates an effect of pure and essential elegance.

The internal chrome ring is also available in dark gray, white and glossy white, to create the overall effect most suitable for any environment: places to live, spaces to live in.

Vitra is a range of prestigious plates that do not flaunt pomp but that enliven environments with the material energy of nature, offering a unique tactile and visual experience.



Streamline, light, elegance. Glass is perfection and transparency.
In two versions, white and black, the Vitra glass frames are the perfect choice for those who love an essential and elegant surface.


A range of colours rich in shades and finishes.
The elegance of shades of grey, the charm of brushing, the brilliance of gold.
Vitra metal frames have many different looks, each with its own style.


Warmth, grain, pattern. Wood is an enchanting surface, to be touched. Rich and completely naturally, it embellishes Vitra frames with warm shades, in two essences: oak and bamboo.


A choice of texture and colour nuances.
The grey and pearl variations of the Vitra slate and granite frames enchant with the textured sensation that accompany them. A natural surface that enthrals.


Prestige and sophistication. Leather Vitra frames grant elegance to rooms. Embellished with a refined material, in three variations, ivory, dark brown and ruby red, they combine neutral colours with a surface that won’t be overlooked.


The entire Vitra plate colour range is available in 2, 3, 4 and 7 module versions, compatible with Modo-Mix System Master supports and Modo, Modo Steel, Mix and Retrò series equipment.

2-module plates are also compatible with the Mixmo series.
3-module plates are also compatible with the MixKit & InkKit series.



The Vitra line gives you the chance to replace the standard chrome-plated ring with rings the same colour as the installed equipment: Dark grey Modo, Steel Modo, White Modo and Glossy white MIX.