Pixia – Elegance and technology for every environment

Master is excited to announce the launch of Pixia, the new ultra-flat and native domotic wiring devices series. The result of careful research and innovation, Pixia is designed to meet the design and functionality needs of our most demanding customers.

Ultra-flat and modern design

Pixia stands out for its ultra-flat design, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication to any environment. The clean lines and smooth surfaces, combined with high-quality finishes, make Pixia an ideal choice for those seeking a cutting-edge aesthetic solution. Available in the elegant finishes Snow White, Light Sand, and Blackboard, Pixia offers unparalleled versatility, perfectly fitting homes, offices, and hotels.

Native smart home technology

Pixia is designed to seamlessly integrate with the most advanced smart home systems, offering native connectivity with UNA Automation. Thanks to this compatibility, Pixia allows you to program personalized scenarios, manage automation, and control consumption directly from your smartphone.

Perfect for contemporary environments

With its technological and minimalist design, Pixia fits perfectly into contemporary environments. Its simplicity allows it to blend harmoniously into a wide range of styles and contexts, both domestic and professional. Pixia is not just a functional element, but a true decorative piece that enhances any space.

Refined color combinations

The plates elegantly combine with its aesthetic form and the tones of the controls, enhancing various types of environments. This variety of combinations allows for personalized installations, creating unique and tailored solutions.

Customization and details

Add a touch of class to your business with custom-made personalization options. The plates can be customized with your company or hotel logo, creating an exclusive and consistent environment. The controls can be enriched with specific symbols and intuitive icons, enhancing usability and the guest experience. Every detail is designed to offer elegance and functionality, transforming each space into a high-class environment.

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