The Khalifa al Tajer mosque at Deira City Center in Dubai (U.A.E.) is the Emirate’s first eco-friendly mosque. With a size of 4,180 square meters, it is able to accommodate 3500 faithful. Powered by solar panels, the mosque uses thermal insulation systems to mitigate energy consumption. It has been equipped since construction with sensors that control air conditioning and energy-saving LED lights.

The building, entirely managed with the UNA Automation home system, allows to achieve the ambitious result of 20/25% of water and energy saved. The system consists of 25 Eva and MiniEva boards and 15 thermostats, controls 120 independent lighting switches, 15 independent thermoregulation zones with more than 40 fans and compressors for cooling, and is customized with over 100 scenarios, which can be managed from the touchscreen Tosca or from mobile devices connected to the Vesta control unit.